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IMPORTANT:  This video was taken directly from a recent inner training Peter conducted for a select group of people.  The mastermind is called "Immigrants United," specifically designed for 1st & 2nd gen. IMMIGRANTS ONLY!  To learn more about Polish Peter, see his story here
If This sounds like You...
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One Along with 12 Other Master Immigrants inside a Unique Coaching Mastermind Model To Finally Transform Your Life & Business & LIVE The TRUE AMERICAN DREAM!
" There Are Only 12 People In The 'Immigrants United' Mastermind - Most Members Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then Spot is Open!"
Why The 'Immigrants United' Mastermind
Is The Closest Thing To Living The...
"True American Dream"
From the Desk of:  Polish Peter

Question for you...

What is your definition of the American Dream?

If you answered something along the lines of living in a beautiful house with 2 1/2 kids, a dog, 2 nice cars, vacations on a beach or somewhere in the mountains, white picket fence while living the financial freedom, you are pretty close to the general idea of what most people, especially immigrants, see their life in US as living the American Dream.

In fact, that was my American Dream when I came here back in 1991.  

My view of the United States and living here was being successful, having enough money to do whatever I want, whenever I want living in a beautiful mansion, in a city with high skyscrapers, driving beautiful cars (Lamborghini to be exact) on a perfect sunny day down a perfect street with palm trees, while beautiful women walk all around.  

Guess where I got that image from?

Beverly Hills Cop movie when Axel goes to Hollywood.  lol (Ok, I was 14 at a time but regardless of my own view, that's kind of how we envision our lives here in US, don't we?)

And then, I landed in Detroit with a suitcase in my hand, no English and no idea what's coming my way.  

No palm trees, no beautiful cars and women, no beautiful streets!  And it was September so the weather wasn't the greatest either.

And then, my American Dream went something like this...

I learned English (in an ESL class from a teacher who had an accent haha), graduated high school, went to college, got a degree with whole bunch of student loans, then got a job, a house, car, got married and had 3 kids.  

And after all of that, got ton more debt, worked more hours than I could ever imagine (many nights and weekend doing 80 or so hours a week) being stuck in a rat race.  

And for me, that ultimately resulted in a divorce.

Today, my story is much different.  I own a very successful company where I personally work 25 hours a week on it, make a lot of money, get to travel to all kinds of different places, am debt free and love, love what I do.  

So, let me ask you... 

Isn't it how the typical American Dream really plays out?

If you are being 100% authentic with yourself, (don't worry, nobody is looking right now and judging you), are you living the life you always wanted to live?  

Or are you living what I call, the distorted American Dream?

You have a mortgage on the house, pay debt on the cars and personal credit cards and work, work work, Whether you own your own business or work for someone else, if you're lucky, you only work 9 to 5, 5 days a week until hopefully, you'll retire, some day.  

When I say that you're lucky to work 9 to 5 (40 hours a week in your job or your business), I say it because most people I meet when they enter the mastermind are actually working, 50...60 and sometimes even 100 hours a week.

Does that sound more like the hours you put in?  And then... 

What happens outside of those hours, you sleep right?  

So where's the American Dream?  Even worse...

When do you spend time with you kids, wife/husband, friends?  How often do you vacation?  No wonder the divorce rates in US are over 50%.  

Ask me how I know (just watch the video below to hear more of my story).  
Here's a BIG Problem...
How do you get out of it, how do you GET OFF that hamster wheel?

First and foremost, it's not easy to get off that wheel, unless you have help from someone who's been there and done it.  if you think about it, that's what you've been trying to do his whole time, isn't it?

So, the first thing is to acknowledge the fact that you need help.  Got it?  Great.  Let's move on to the next step.

Second, you'll need to create a vision for your life. Why? One of the reasons you are on this wheel is because you are NOT 100% clear on what you want your life to look like.  Ask me how I know! :)

You may have a business vision for your business. If you are working for someone else, then you're working towards their business vision.  

And everything in your life revolves around that, not around your life.  

So, creating your vision and being 100% clear on your life vision is the #1 thing you have to do right now.

(Now, all of our mastermind members have their own vision and I actually help them create it.  As you can imagine, there's a right way and a wrong way to write your vision.  So, schedule a consultation call for the mastermind and let's start.

And then, once you're in the mastermind, we'll help you collectively, as a family, help you build that LIFE, the TRUE American Dream.

One where you live your life according to your plan, according to your vision, where your life revolves around your LIFE and not around your business.

Where your business revolves around your life.

Where you get to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want. 

And when you're inside the mastermind, which by the way is the 1st ever Immigrant ONLY mastermind, you'll not only experience a new life for yourself and your family, you'll expand and add NEW family to your life.

Family that doesn't judge and doesn't gossip.  In fact, many of our mastermind members say that this is the family they wish they had.  This is the place where they can be authentic, real and vulnerable.

This is a place where we help you get the life you want in every area of your life including:

- your family relationships, (your wife/husband, kids, parents)

- your personal gratification (want to travel the world, we'll help you get that.)

- your 'no regrets' area (believe me, nobody wants to be on their deathbed and have regrets)

- your spiritual life (yes, we don't shy away from that)

- and your business (building that business and income to support your life so ultimately, that business just provides the income to you on a more passive level).

- plus any other area that's important to you.  And we do this through the following structure:
What You Can Expect Inside:
  • 1-one-1 Coaching: Breakthrough coaching from one of the top immigrant coaches, Polish Peter.
  • Mini Masterminds: Monthly online masterminds- accountability, growth & challenges - solved!
  • 3-day LIVE Masterminds: 3X/year, beautiful places- it's where the magic & your transformation happens.
*Limited Spots Remaining*

"...this guy changes lives all the time!"

"...His ability to help people unclutter, get unstuck, to discover for themselves what they want for their life & what's holding them back is uncanny!  Peter is often my go-to-guy!..."
      - Jason Wojciechowski - CEO of Lifeonaire
Why Listen to Polish Peter & Join the Mastermind...
His Story is Your Story
As you watch Polish Peter's story, listen to how it applies to your own life.  When you do that, you'll be able to discover your own limiting beliefs, aka "blind spots," and see how they have impacted your life.  

Also, you'll see how accountability can positively impact your business life. 

Last but not least, you'll see how you can develop your BIG HAIRY WHY!
Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Peter Kolat (aka Polish Peter)
Utica, MI.

Why listen to me you ask?

Well, First and foremost... Your World is What You Make It!

I was born in Poland in what I believe is one of the most beautiful cities called Zakopane.  During my early childhood, I lived in a 14'X14' room which was our bedroom, living room, kitchen, play room and dining room.

Our bathroom was a community restroom down the hall. Yes, that was a lot of fun running down the public hallway at 2-3 am to go to the bathroom (communist era). 🙂
I immigrated into United States when I was 14 years old and did not speak any English. One of my earliest English language struggles was: Am I Polish (nationality) or polish (state of being polished). Yeah, that was fun as well.

I live in a beautiful suburb, about 30 minutes north of Detroit. I own a very successful coaching company and business growth agency that works with high 6 figure and 7 figure businesses in about 16 different industries. Few years ago, I've been featured in a Fast Company magazine as one of the "Top 100 most influential people on the internet."

But what keeps be getting up in the morning is the fact that I can help people, that I can have an impact on someone's life, that I can give them that gift of having that "aha" moment, that moment in their life that sparks something new, that drives them to a new way of living, that gives that that hope, that gives them that new life in their business, their family, their life...

And that's why I started Immigrant Masters Unite, a podcast for immigrant business owners and entrepreneurs. It all started as a interviews, talks with other successful immigrants to share our success stories, our trials, our so called "insider secrets" to help you, to have an impact on your life!

And as they say, the rest is history...eserunt, recusandae.

So, if you're ready to transform your live, click on the button below and start the application process for Immigrants United, 1st ever Immigrant Only Mastermind.
Here's How To Apply For Your Spot In The Mastermind
IMPORTANT:  Apply only if you are:  1st or 2nd generation immigrant entrepreneur, are coachable, a contributor and committed to transforming your life.
  • 1-one-1 Coaching: Breakthrough coaching from one of the top immigrant coaches, Polish Peter.
  • Mini Masterminds: Monthly online masterminds- accountability, growth & challenges - solved!
  • 3-day LIVE Masterminds: 3X/year, beautiful places- it's where the magic & your transformation happens
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Other Have Said About Their Experience...
WARNING: This Coaching Mastermind Is Limited To Only 12 People- 11 10 Spots Already Gone
Note:  Tim refers to joining Lifeonaire which is part of your own membership here in IMU Mastermind where you'll access to tons of resources, insider calls and trainings to help you reach your American Dream.
Sara A. - Kuwait Immigrant
Ready To Start Your 10X LIFE Journey For the TRUE American Dream?
Got Questions?  We Got Answers...
What is a mastermind?
Great question.  Mastermind is an ability for a group of like minded people to come together and collectively help, improve, uplift, grow, support, challenge, keep accountable and benefit each other in a most amazing way. 

Napoleon Hill who wrote "Think and Grow Rich" puts it best:  "Mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.  No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind.” 

Basically, inside 'Immigrants United' Mastermind, you'll have 11 other powerful immigrants help you achieve your goals, your vision, that's 12 minds who create another 'intangible force' & become infinitely more powerful than 1 mind.  
Why is this for immigrants only?
The reason why this mastermind is for 1st and 2nd generation immigrants only is truly help the members become successful here in United States.  While the mastermind members come from different countries, backgrounds, cultures and even different industries (businesses), not only is the founder an immigrant himself who been very successful coaching other immigrants but the member can really speak into your life.

Do you think other US coaches can relate to you based on your cultural background better than 12 other powerful immigrants? Can other masterminds speak into your culture, speak into your cultural limiting beliefs, your own story from the old country that can sometimes prevent you from succeeding here in US?  Do they know how you can use your immigrant status as an opportunity for success in US?  

If the answer is a no or even a maybe, then you need to consider this mastermind even more.  We are all immigrants here, the founder is an immigrant who GETS IT and can help you get there as well.    
What makes Immigrants United Mastermind different from others?
If you've been in other masterminds before, you'll notice that most of them are not a TRUE mastermind.  I (Polish Peter) have experienced or been apart of some of those high level masterminds who charge $10k, $25k and even $100k to be apart of it and inside of those masterminds, you come to the event 3 times a year, sit in a room and few people do presentations on some strategy, funnel, system.  Then, you take some of those nuggets, bring them home and for the next 4 months, work on it yourself to hopefully incorporate it into your business.

IMU mastermind is different.  We have retreats 3 times a year where you come and have a FULL 1 hour to yourself to speak about what's important to you and the entire room works to help you achieve that.  Also, we are in communication in between those retreats (monthly calls and a call with me, Polish Peter) to make sure you keep working on your goals, you stay accountable and even exceed your goals.  

You become part of a family that helps you grow and achieve your own TRUE AMERICAN DREAM.
What are the requirements to apply and get accepted into the IMU Mastermind?
That is a great question because we don't accept just anyone.  We need to protect the integrity of the group and make sure that we have the best people in the group to help everyone grow.  Remember, rising tide lifts all boats!

So, here are only 7 easy requirements:
1.  You have to be either 1st or 2nd generation immigrant.
2.  You have to be an entrepreneur, business owner who has an existing business in place with clients and revenue.  Revenue does not have to be in millions but you need to have a real business. No MLM, financial advisor or get rich quick businesses.
3.  You have to be coachable.
4.  You have to be committed to the group and to your success.  We cannot want your success more than you.
5.  You have to be a contributor.  That means you share, you open your mouth at the retreat and calls and contribute to others.   
6. You have to be a giver not a taker.  That means you give advice, you give feedback, you give back to the mastermind and your own circle. We encourage donating a percentage of your profits you'll make from here to a charity of your choice.
7.  You have to be an action taker.  If you're a talker, not a doer, please do not apply.  Action provides results.
Tell me about the retreats?
We have LIVE, in person retreats 3 times a year, about every 4 months. You will know about the date for the upcoming retreat at least 4 months in advance.  The retreats happen all over the United States, in fun places that allow us to not only grow our lives and business but have fun doing it.  

The retreats are paid for as part of your membership.  The only thing you have to take care of is your travel, stay and meals.  We provide you with a discounted rates on the hotel.  

Most importantly, the retreats where the magic happens.  People come out of the retreats with breakthroughs in their lives.    
How do the monthly mini- masterminds work?
The monthly mini-masterminds are a LIVE 90 minute video calls, on zoom.  They are recorded so you can access them later.  You bring questions, wins, challenges and the mastermind helps you achieve them and celebrate them.   
How do the monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls with Polish Peter work?
The monthly one on one coaching sessions with Polish Peter work like this.  You will get a link to his calendar where you can schedule a call at a time that works for you.  Then, no later than 24 hours prior to the call, you'll email Peter your Coaching Call Prep sheet that will be provided for you.  You will also have Peter's personal phone number for emergencies.
Do I really need a coaching mastermind?
Let me answer your question, this way.  What support systems and people do you have around you that will allow you to continue growing?  Think about it this way... When an bodybuilder reaches a certain fitness goal, does he stop going to the gym?  NO!  He keeps going, he puts in small tweaks to grow further, to reach another milestone.  

Even the best in the world continue to get coaching and mentoring including Tony Robbins, John Maxwell and Lebron James.  That's WHY they are so successful. 
Is there a benefit you didn't discuss?
YES and it's a BIG one too.  POWERFUL CONNECTIONS!  

You'll be able to create some amazing connections from people you would not be able to normally create. If you're looking for a certain person, just ask the mastermind and it's likely that they know someone who can fit that profile.  Some of our members make their investment back quickly just from the joint ventures and connections they make that improves their revenue.    

What if you could partner with someone who has a list of 100,000 people that you can share your offer with?  What if you could connect with a BIG influencer in a specific industry?  
I'm already in several masterminds. Why another one? Why this one?
Great point and since you are in a mastermind, you see the value a mastermind can bring to your life.  My question to you, why are you in several of them?  One of the reasons is that none of them provide you with everything you need.  Do any of those mastermind give you personal coaching? Do any of those mastermind give you accountability, ability to get support between the retreats, get on a monthly mini-mastermind calls to keep you moving in the right direction, your own vision? 

Most importantly, do any of these masterminds help you create YOUR LIFE VISION that includes both your business and your life?  If not, apply right now.  You'll wish you'd done is sooner.  
How much time will this take?  I'm already strapped for time.
If that's the case, that is the EXACT reason why you need to apply for the mastermind.  Why?  Most of our mastermind students come into this coaching mastermind working 60-100 hours a week and we help them recreate, strategize and systematize their business and LIFE so it works FOR THEM.  

Most people are controlled by their life instead of them controlling their life.  Personally, Polish Peter runs a very successful company working 25 hours a week. How many hours a week do you want to work?  Apply now and see how we can help you get there.
How much does it cost?
That is a great question and an important one.  It's not about how much it costs but how much are you willing to invest in yourself to get the life you want.  You are THE BIGGEST investment in your life.  Many masterminds charge $25,000 to $100,000 for a year.  Don't believe, look around.  Now, for Immigrants United Mastermind, we want to make it accessible to our fellow immigrants.  Typically, the investment into the mastermind is $10k upfront and $997/mo, no contract or  obligation.  

However, since you are on this page and we are still in the Founder's stage for this specific mastermind group, the investment is $5k upfront for the mastermind seat/skin in the game fee and only #597/mo for as long as you stay in the mastermind.  (We are planning on raising the prices in the future.  However, when you join now, you will be grandfathered for life at this price).

If you choose to leave and them want to come back, the monthly investment increases to $997/mo.  Remember, this is an investment not a cost.  

Ask yourself, what’s the value of your life? Can you put a price on it?  If you can't afford it, I’m glad. Why?  This is an opportunity for you to be resourceful to figure out how to make this work. Life is full of these types of obstacles and your ability to figure out how to solve these issues will directly correlate with your success.
Is there a guarantee?
While we all love having some kind of a guarantee in life, if you are are truly honest with yourself, there are no guarantees in life.  

The mastermind works when YOU put in the work, when you participate, when you take action, when you make the monthly calls and the retreats.  I will tell you that our success speaks for itself.  If you are going into this mastermind with the mindset of "I'll try and see if it works and if it doesn't, I'll ask for a refund" then I would urge you to either try another mastermind or program or reframe your way of thinking.  Why?  It's been proven that type of a mindset leads to failure.  

Apply below, setup an interview with Peter and you'll get a taste of how powerful this coaching mastermind really is how much it can help you get the American Dream you desire.
What if I have more questions?
if you have any more questions before applying for the mastermind, you can click on the contact us link below or email support at mastersunite.com
I'm in, what the next step?
Awesome!  The next step is for you to apply and fill out the application by clicking on the button below.  FIll out your email and on the next page, you'll be asked to provide a $97 fully refundable interview deposit (to make sure you are serious and you'll show up to the interview) and fill out the interview questionnaire.  

Polish Peter's assistant will then reach out to you to schedule a 30 min interview call at your convenience with Polish Peter.  That's it!  
8785 Hall Rd. #181101 - Utica, MI 48318